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Vodafone deploys TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery

September 13, 2019

Colin Mann @ IBC

Entertainment technology and audience insights specialist TiVo has confirmed that multiplay operator Vodafone deploying TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery (PCD) to deliver engaging, highly-relevant entertainment experiences to its subscribers. Vodafone offers broadband, TV, mobile and telephone services to 640 million customers in 24 countries..

Vodafone is introducing PCD as part of the new Vodafone TV service in Portugal, the first country to deploy its new ‘Intelligent Voice Search feature. It uses TiVo’s Conversation, a natural language voice solution, that enables users to find and enjoy entertainment content by simply speaking into their remotes. TiVo’s Insight functionality will also help Vodafone maximise the value of PCD by enabling content discovery optimisation, promotions targeting and audience engagement monitoring through the analysis of actual viewer behaviour data.

Vodafone has already deployed TiVo’s Search and Recommendations and predictions capabilities to customers in Spain, Italy, Greece and Romania.

“As a leading global telecoms company, we are dedicated to providing our subscribers with a truly unique and engaging entertainment experience,” commented Miguel Rodrigues, head of TV development at Vodafone. “With TiVo’s Personalised Content Discovery platform, we are able to strengthen our search and recommendation  capabilities as well as provide superior voice search using free-flowing conversational dialogue. Combined, these capabilities give us the intelligence and aptitude to tailor and transform the content discovery experience for our customers.”

“Our research indicates delivering personalised viewing experiences lowers churn rates by as much as three times, compared with viewers who don’t have a personalised experience,” added Dave Shull, President & CEO, TiVo. “With TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery platform, Vodafone is augmenting its service offerings and keeping their audiences loyal and engaged, while being ahead of the competition in an ever-shifting entertainment landscape. This is a significant extension of our PCD footprint, and we are pleased that Vodafone and its subscribers are benefiting from our expanding language coverage for voice and our updated engagement console, which provides a personalised, feature-rich TV experience.”

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