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Research: Reality TV best performer for retail ads

October 9, 2019

TVSquared, a specialist in digital and linear TV attribution, has released performance analysis on TV ads in the UK retail space across Q3 2019, revealing the most effective ad spots for driving audience response with the most cost efficiency.

The key insights include:

  • Genres
    • Reality programming led the way for performance in retail TV ads, driving 5x the response vs. other genres, at average or below-average cost per response (CPR) rates.
    • Weather, Documentaries and Movies were also high-performing, efficient genres.
    • It should be noted that while the Movies genre was effective, there was a lot of variance around the type of film. Family/Children’s movies performed exceptionally well, while Action and Romance did not.
    • Sports-related programming also drove high response, but came at a premium and, more often than not, did not result in enough conversions to justify the spend.
  • Time of Day
    • Daytime, Late Peak (during the evening news) and Early Peak (during the morning news) retail TV ads provided solid response rates from audiences and below-average CPR.
    • Early Fringe (before the evening news), Early Morning and Late Fringe (after the evening news) retail TV ads, meanwhile, had the highest CPR among all times of day at 10x-20x above average.
  • Day-of-Week
    • Not only did CPR start to soar during Weekends, but the actual costs of the TV ad spots increased too
    • This was most prevalent for retail ads airing on Sundays

TVSquared analysed Q319 TV performance data – 350,000+ spots and $30 million in ad spend – from UK-based retail clients to collate the data. The team also took into account audience impressions, total spot count, cost, response rates and KPIs.

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