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Report: Programmatic advertising not fully automated

November 22, 2019

Centro, a global provider of advertising technology, has released an advertising industry report published by the 4A – the trade organisation for marketing communications agencies. It assembled the report, The Future of Programmatic and Automation, through an in-depth examination of programmatic advertising and agency automation. Digital advertising infrastructure consultancy The 614 Group conducted the research on behalf of the 4A’s.

The report examines industry conversations and opinions about programmatic advertising and automation to extrapolate insights that can help professionals plan for a value-focused future for the marketing ecosystem.

Key takeaways from the study show that:

  • The promise of programmatic is unfulfilled. Programmatic is not yet fully automated, and a majority of respondents (76 per cent) do not agree that “programmatic advertising has eliminated nearly all the manual work in buying digital media.”
  • The two ​most​ ​important marketplace needs in programmatic advertising in the next 6-12 months are “integration of data and campaign tracking technologies to empower optimisation” and “solutions to provide holistic evaluations of campaigns across online and offline media.”
  • The future of programmatic is automation, and that includes all media, especially TV. A majority of respondents (62 per cent) do not believe that TV networks will move inventory into programmatic markets quickly.
  • Three-fifths of respondents (58 per cent) view attracting and retaining the right talent as the biggest challenge to in-housing programmatic capabilities.


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