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Spain: Movistar best, MásMóvil worst for broadband

November 26, 2019

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Movistar has the best broadband network in Spain whereas MásMóvil has the worst, according to a report from Spain’s Asociación de Internautas (Websurfers Association) with data from users’ official complaints to the Oficina de Atención al Usuario de Telecomunicaciones.

Movistar scores a 8.05 mark (out of 10) versus MásMóvil’s 3.70. Euskaltel, the Basque-Country-based operator is the second best with 7.4 ahead of Vodafone with 7 and Orange with 6.

MásMóvil is the operator with the largest number of complaints, an average of 52 per month over the reporting period, followed by Orange with 30 and Vodafone 18. Most of the complaints are about service interruptions and invoicing.

In convergent services, representing 80 per cent of all broadband homes, MásMóvil and Vodafone are the worst. Movistar is the fastest at repairing and dealing with failures.

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