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BARB integrates with IPA TouchPoints

March 11, 2020

UK television audience measurement body BARB has launched an integration with IPA TouchPoints. This means that all of BARB’s daily audience data can now be analysed by IPA TouchPoints classifications, helping media agencies, advertisers and broadcasters to understand more about viewers through a wider range of behavioural definitions.

The data integration has three major benefits: enabling media agencies to use the rich IPA TouchPoints audiences in order to build their TV plans; allowing broadcasters’ sales teams to build better solutions based on IPA TouchPoints data, including other media usage; and helping broadcasters with their scheduling and promotions planning.

The integrated data are available via BARB-registered data-processing bureaux to all media agencies and broadcasters that subscribe to both BARB and IPA TouchPoints. BARB customers wishing to access the new data will need to contact the IPA to subscribe to TouchPoints first. The data integration has been conducted by RSMB, and the method will be updated on a quarterly basis.

“We continue to find new ways to add value to our audience reporting services,” advised Justin Sampson, BARB’s Chief Executive. “This new initiative creates an extensive range of target audiences that IPA TouchPoints subscribers can use to plan and account for their investment in television programmes and commercials.”

“IPA TouchPoints creates a 360-degree view of how different media fit into people’s daily lives,” added Belinda Beeftink, Research Director, IPA. “For many years the TouchPoints Channel Planner has integrated the industry media currencies, including BARB, into an analytics tool that supports cross-media planning and buying.”

“We’re now delighted to deepen our links with BARB by integrating our audience classifications into its daily reporting of television audiences. This means agency planners can build even better TV plans based on TouchPoints’ wide range of classifications.”

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