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Research: Netflix revenue 93% more than UK cinema spend

April 1, 2020

The average cost of a cinema trip in the UK is £9, around 18 per cent more than a monthly online viewing subscription. With large cities paying more for a ticket, research from TextLocal highlights the change in demand for online and streaming services and the decline of the cinema.

Last year, Brits visited the cinema 176 million times, averaging at only 3 visits a year per person. Spend on these trips equated to £1.2 million to watch the latest films upon release.

As cinema footfall is on the decline, the yearly revenue for Netflix is 93 per cent more than the UK cinema spend. With the average cost of online streaming at £7.30 a month, a single cinema ticket in some of the largest multiplexes can cost up to £2.82 more per trip.

Online streaming services began creating originals in 2012 with Netflix leading the way. Their top 10 original films averaged 45.5 million views per film.

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