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Movistar offers free unlimited data

April 20, 2020

From David Del Valle in Madrid

In view of a high data consumption due to the Covid-19 lockdown, Movistar is offering free unlimited data capacity its 3 million+ Fusión covergent customers in Spain.

Subscribers to Fusión Total and Fusión Total Plus will have unlimited data, calls and SMS messages at no extra cost as a way “to mitigate the effects of this crisis on the domestic economy”, explained the president of Telefónica, Emilio Gayo in a statement.

For those with cheaper convergent packages like Fusión Selección La Liga or Champions, Fusión + Ocio, Fusión + Fútbol or Fusión Pro, the unlimited service will cost an extra of €5.

“Society needs now more than ever to be connected without limits and with the guarantee of having the best possible service”, Gayo said. Since the start of the crisis, according to Movistar, the usage of the broadband network has increased by 30-40 per cent on average.

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