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Socialie partners with Grabyo

October 23, 2020

Socialie, a content distribution platform for sports leagues, teams, federations and media companies, and Grabyo, the cloud platform for live and real-time video production have announced a new partnership allowing customers to distribute content quickly and easily to multiple publishers, athletes and influencers – maximising ROI on content spend.

The official partnership highlights an important step for the field of content distribution to bring the power of athletes and publishers even closer to the video content being created, saving significant time for content producers and social media managers who are looking to maximise the reach of their content on social.

From today, Socialie and Grabyo are making this integration widely available for new and existing partners, with Professional Bull Riders leading the charge after a successful implementation and use over recent weeks. PBR is able to edit content quickly and easily from a live feed with Grabyo and deliver it straight to the riders, through Socialie, immediately after their rides for publishing natively on social.

By providing a seamless cloud-workflow with no downloading or uploading means maximum time efficiency for both PBR and importantly for the riders themselves. Socialie tracks and reports all social media analytics and content performance back to PBR in real time!

A Socialie and Grabyo partnership is a big win for athletes, broadcasters, media partners, sponsors and events who are craving authentic and timely content from content owners and creators. Grabyo partners can now seamlessly deliver to their Socialie account for onward social distribution whilst retaining full visibility of real time social media stats across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The partnership brings together Grabyo’s leading cloud platform for real-time clipping, live video production and editing for delivery directly into Socialie, supporting multiple format and aspect ratio delivery, video and GIF delivery as well as enhanced tagging features for automated content delivery out to athletes and other content publishers. Combining this with Grabyo’s remote commentary and cloud vision mixing capability, content owners and other sporting organisations will have a powerful workflow, to produce professional edits, for distribution out to their network of social publishers.

Kristin Adams, Socialie Founder and CEO said: “We are delighted to have partnered with Grabyo to establish a powerful integration, now offering even more content distribution opportunities for customers to syndicate their amazing content out to their network of athletes, talent, broadcasters and media partners. We pride ourselves on partnering with leading content creation and digital asset management platforms and this collaboration will bring a wealth of opportunities for our sports and media customers. We are incredibly excited about this journey together.”

Together, Grabyo and Socialie will leverage new and existing relationships to offer a streamlined workflow sports organisations, broadcasters and media partners of all sizes who are looking to maximise the reach of their content on Socialie in the new world post COVID-19.

Gareth Capon, Grabyo CEO added: “This partnership comes at a time when sports organisations need to fully realise the potential of their content and maximise ROI. By integrating the Grabyo platform with Socialie, we are both able to offer a holistic set of tools to allow sports publishers to fine-tune and enhance their overall content strategy with ease. We are excited to continue developing our joint offering to bring even more value to the industry.”

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