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MediaMath first DSP to utilise IRIS_ID

January 14, 2021

IRIS.TV, the video data platform today announced that MediaMath is the first DSP to utilize the IRIS_ID to unlock video-level contextual and brand-safe targeting on Connected TV (CTV) and online video (OLV) platforms. The IRIS_ID, a global unique identifier for each individual video across all screens, will, for the first time, enable contextual intelligence providers such as ComScore to offer buy-side contextual segmentation and targeting via pre-bid integration with MediaMath’s DSP. 

COVID-19 has accelerated CTV viewing but as advertisers endeavor to reach these new audiences, concerns over transparency, brand suitability, and brand safety have emerged. At the same time, advertisers have been looking for more effective ways to target these audiences in a post-cookie world, especially outside of the walled gardens.  

Now, for the first time, MediaMath customers can target ad campaigns at an individual video level, leveraging the additional transparency that the IRIS_ID provides to ensure brand-safety compliance for CTV and OLV campaigns. Marketers also now have access to advanced targeting capabilities by contextual and brand-safety categories, allowing for more confidence in placement and environment – a groundbreaking development that has also never been available on CTV until now.

“As advertiser demand for connected TV inventory continues to skyrocket, marketers are seeking privacy-focused, brand-safe data solutions that help ensure programmatic campaign delivery is in line with brand expectations,” said Rachel Gantz, General Manager, Activation Solutions, Comscore. “Comscore is excited to work with IRIS.TV and MediaMath to expand the availability of contextual targeting solutions in the pre-bid open exchange programmatic landscape for advertisers.”

“As viewers increasingly consume news and content via CTV, brands are looking for superior performance and higher ROI in that channel as well. MediaMath’s redesigned SOURCE infrastructure is leading the industry toward complete transparency of the CTV supply chain, providing advertisers confidence in their ad performance and full visibility into their spend,” said Anudit Vikram, Chief Product Officer, MediaMath. “As the industry leader in video data connectivity, IRIS.TV has been a trusted partner through SOURCE and shares our vision of delivering a completely accountable, addressable and aligned digital media supply chain. With this partnership, we’re excited to provide marketers with the ability to purchase brand-safe video inventory and reach audiences across all buying platforms, including direct, PMP, and now open auction campaigns.”

“MediaMath has always been a leader and innovator of advertising technology solutions and we’re thrilled to partner with them to help the industry take this next big step,” said Sean Holzman, Head of Ad Platform Strategy at IRIS.TV.  “By enabling contextual intelligence companies like Comscore to provide video-level analysis, we’re providing media buyers with an unprecedented level of transparency and insight into CTV inventory.”

Once the IRIS_ID is assigned, it is passed into the bidstream and received by MediaMath who passes it along to its pre-bid contextual and brand-safety partners, such as comScore. Those partners in turn decipher the videos’ contextual categories and/or brand-safety scores for segmentation and targeting purposes at a video-level. 

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