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Primecutt enables users to earn free streaming

January 27, 2021

Primecutt has launched a new concept in watching movies and TV series legitimately.

By registering with Primecutt and earning coins through one or more of the methods that are available, members of the site can use these coins to watch movies online free of charge.

The simple methods available to choose from to earn Primecutt Coins, many of which themselves are not only enjoyable but educational, include:

1. Completing small research and feedback tasks lasting around five minutes or less that are posted by advertisers with Primecutt.

These tasks include the reviewing of apps, ebooks, YouTube videos or products. There are also longer term projects with greater rewards that also serve as a useful and rewarding way of using spare time.

1. Joining the Primecutt Cashback Programme where before ordering from companies online, users click through via the Primecutt loyalty page to earn coins based on their spend – a spend they would be making anyway.

2. Using the Primecutt Loyalty page to purchase vouchers for shopping (they can be used both online and offline) instead of using their credit or debit cards directly. Each time a voucher is purchased, redeemable coins are awarded and we will be announcing a list of participants imminently.

Primecutt CEO Henry Okpolokpo explains: “The major benefit to the user is that they are not only watching their free content legitimately, but are safe from continual pop-ups, film buffering, viruses and sudden halts for advertising, much of which features illicit sites linked to gambling or pornography. If we haven’t a film or series that the user wants, they can request it and we will do our best to fulfil it. For the content creators, it is a great opportunity for them to use the platform as a totally new method of researching, evaluating and distributing their content directly to real users in real time.

“Absolutely anyone from anywhere can post simple tasks for typical consumers to complete to the mutual benefit of all concerned. And the great thing is, it is not restricted to the UK, but for task posters from throughout the world End users are safe in the knowledge that all task posters are vetted to ensure that their tasks are genuine, legal and most important for the end user, achievable,” he added.

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