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Deutsche Telekom presents Renegades: Born in the USA podcast

February 23, 2021

Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen are lifelong friends, and these two citizens of the world have now come together in the Renegades: Born in the USA podcast to talk about social issues. It’s all about friendship, democratic and social values, and treating one another fairly. As part of its “No Hate Speech” initiative, Deutsche Telekom is an exclusive partner of the Spotify Original podcast. The Company is actively campaigning to make sure all people can enter into dialog with another on the basis of fairness – especially online.

President Barack Obama’s introduction of the first episode of the podcast: “How did we get here? How could we find our way back to a more unifying American story? That topic came to dominate so many of my conversations last year – with Michelle, with my daughters and with friends. And one of the friends just happened to be Mr. Bruce Springsteen. On the surface, Bruce and I don’t have a lot in common. But over the years, what we’ve found is that we’ve got a shared sensibility. About work, about family and about America.“

The former U.S. president and American rock legend talk about a wide range of social issues in the Spotify Original podcast. They share their thoughts with listeners over the course of eight episodes. Often they get into casual conversation with some music in the background, without making statements or opinions. Their discussions are at times controversial, but always characterized by fairness.

Deutsche Telekom is also convinced: words must not be used as weapons, neither in the real world nor online. In its role as a driver of digitalization, Deutsche Telekom is campaigning for an internet free of hate speech. The Company is actively campaigning to make sure all people can enter into dialog with another on the basis of fairness. With 44 partners, Deutsche Telekom is fighting to create an internet in which people can move freely without the fear of being marginalized.

The “No Hate Speech” initiative is referenced in context during each of the podcast’s eight episodes. In doing so, Deutsche Telekom and its partners invite us to protect victims of cyberbullying, take their side, and stand up against hate speech online. Further information regarding the initiative, the partners, and assistance available can be found at

“Renegades: Born in the USA” is now available for free, exclusively on Spotify.

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