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Tremor Video, Unruly debut creative studio

March 2, 2021

Tremor International, a global player in advertising technologies, has announced its expanded creative studio, (pronounced Truly). This newly expanded creative services team at Tremor Video is the result of strong collaboration between Tremor Video’s proven CTV and all-screen video creative pedigree and Unruly’s data-driven audience insights. The combined creative powerhouse will now support both Tremor Video and Unruly’s clients and services.

With more than 15 years of experience providing dynamic creative solutions to a wide breadth of brand and agency clients across multiple verticals, this recent expansion represents the next phase of Tremor’s proven creative pedigree. Since 2019, Tremor has served over 7.3 billion ad impressions that feature custom creative, produced advanced creative campaigns for more than 250 brands and developed over 100,000 unique video ads.

Partnering with offers advertisers multiple key benefits, including:

  • Delivering on KPIs by applying highly effective creative strategies across all screens in the most brand-safe environments
  • Leveraging’s Data-Driven Creative solutions to connect creative and data-driven criteria such as audience segment, time, geography, and weather to maximize relevance and impact
  • Implementing the latest dynamic creative features, such as shoppable units, to existing video ads to help facilitate online shopping experiences for homebound viewers who aren’t shopping in person as frequently
  • Using proprietary data solutions, to amplify the impact of ad content through creative customization based on the most receptive moments and audience insights
  • Enabling agency and brand teams to stay nimble and flexible by developing new digital assets from scratch or optimizing and updating existing assets
  • Increased cost savings and maximizing use of in-house resources by using’s team to provide video production efficiencies and best practices

“Tremor’s creative team helped us develop our first branded video asset intended to raise awareness of heart health and how we can enrich the lives of congenital heart patients, all while conveying our mission with sight, sound and motion,” said Round of a Lifetime (ROAL) Foundation’s Board of Directors. “Thanks to the Tremor team for making the process efficient and effective, and for creating a dynamic video that improved our ability to connect with the heart community.”

Using’s full range of services, advertisers can drive consumers toward consideration, conversion and brand loyalty with next-level video formats and features, available programmatically or through Tremor’s managed service platform and certified by all major DSPs. Creative Services include:

  • Video creation: With three tiers of video creation services from turnkey to end-to-end production, the studio can turn any existing files such as static graphics, animated GIFs and social assets into original video ads built to perform in any environment.
  • Video optimization: Working with a client’s existing digital assets, the studio optimizes for different audiences and screens to suit their objectives. Like video creation, there are three tiers of service, from turnkey to end-to-end production.
  • Creative optimization Amplify the impact of ad content through creative customization based on audience insights and machine learning techniques that automatically recognize the key moments that drive brand awareness vs consideration vs action.

“We are excited to offer our clients an even more advanced experience for showcasing their brand stories,” said Les Seifer, VP, Creative, Tremor International. “With our newly combined team, we can now offer our clients cutting-edge creative solutions backed by our own unique, proprietary data and insights, helping them amplify the impact of their ads through creative customization across all screens.”

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