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Beemray uses Xandr Curate

March 17, 2021

Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising company and Beemray, the future forward data platform that delivers the competitive edge with Signals and AI, has today announced the next evolution of their partnership. Beemray will be using Xandr’s latest addition to its platform Xandr Curate, to bring brand safe contextual targeting, optimisation and analytics solutions at the maximum possible scale, to the entire ecosystem.

Buyers are increasingly looking for differentiated scalable data to reach their users programmatically. With the imminent deprecation of third-party cookies, media buyers have a more critical need for 1st party data and high-quality contextual data to help ‘future-proof’ their business and continue to effectively reach the right consumers across multiple screens in perfect moments.

Contextual solutions have been continually evolving over the years with advancements in AI and Machine Learning. Today, they support advertisers in reducing reliance on the third-party cookie. Contextual partner Beemray works with Xandr to solve one of the key challenges’ marketers face; capturing the majority of programmatic supply from the most valuable traffic across recently published content.

Using real-time signals during discovery, Beemray are able to process these in real-time for their machine learning analysis, subsequently able to predict consumer behaviours to a high degree of accuracy, separating out the signals which deliver performance from the noise of big data, all without the use of identifiers maximising marketing effectiveness as we move into the cookieless era.

Xandr Curate gives Beemray many options, offering them the ability to scale this across the entire programmatic ecosystem. They have been highly successful in packaging deals that perform for advertisers, deals which get refreshed at high speed, on an individual bid level, within milliseconds. Beemray, are now making their deals available through any other DSP in market.

Michael Simpkins, Commercial Lead, Marketplace, Xandr says: “Publishers, retailers and data aggregators often have valuable data assets they are not monetising effectively due to the lack of existing sales channels that offer the commercial control they want, with the programmatic tradability buyers demand. Xandr Curate solves this by making it easy to package and price proprietary assets against Xandr’s global supply footprint into a single deal ID that’s tradeable through any DSP in the market. It’s been great seeing some of the markets most innovative and trusted businesses like Beemray seamlessly build new products powered by Xandr Curate.”

“Xandr Curate helps advertisers gain a competitive advantage by building strategic, goal-oriented marketplaces. At Beemray we made the decision to use Xandr Curate to deliver our brand safe contextual targeting data and optimisation solutions to the entire programmatic landscape. We leverage the power of the Xandr platform to reach the premium inventory we require, building valuable packages for buyers.”, said Raman Sidhu, Cofounder & CRO, Beemray.

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