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Report: QR codes boost Connected TV shopping

August 3, 2021

Sabio, the mobile data-powered Connected TV (CTV) platform, has revealed results from a recent CTV ad campaign with a global retailer that leveraged QR codes to drive purchase decisions. The campaign saw 96 per cent of consumers start a shopping journey and transfer items into their cart after scanning the QR Code on a streaming TV ad with their mobile device.

“While streaming TV allows brands to more effectively target consumers, consumers are still accustomed and conditioned to carry out purchases on their mobile devices,” said Joao Machado, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Sabio. “That’s why we are working to use QR codes for brands and bridge the gap between mobile and CTV.”

QR Codes have seen massive adoption over the last year, with an estimated 11 Million households scanning one during the period. Now, everyone from restaurants using QR Codes as menu prompts, to YouTube TV asking people to scan one for a free trial during the NBA Finals, and brands like Nike, Home Depot, and Coca-Cola implementing the technology.

“While QR codes have been around since 1994, their popularity and utility has never been stronger,” continued Machado. “And with recent data validating that viewers who scan have increased purchase intent, brands are using this technology to prompt a variety of different consumer behaviors, such as shopping, app downloads, food delivery, or even to just learn more about specific products and offerings.”

The campaign delivered creative versioning across the lifestyle, entertainment, and sports categories, including top CTV apps like DIY Network, HGTV Go, Sling TV, NBC and Sport TV Live, which generated a video completion rate of 98 per cent .

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