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Tech4home’s NOTUS Custom Cover RCU becomes part of Elisa Elamus

August 17, 2021

t4h. (Tech4home), a provider of remote control solutions, has announced a partnership with one of Estonia’s largest telecom and Internet service provider, Elisa.

Under this partnership, t4h’s advanced NOTUS Custom Covers Remote Control is a part of Elisa’s new hybrid next-generation Android TV service, Elisa Elamus. This service encompasses a complete Android TV solution that includes video rentals, a variety of streaming platforms including Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, Youtube. The service also gives the customers functionalities to watch a series of premium TV channels including BBC Earth HD, Arte HD, Viasat Nature, TLC, among many others.

“We all at t4h. are very excited and extremely humbled to be a part of Elisa’s newest Android TV venture. To be amongst the leaders of the telecom and TV industry and for our award-winning NOTUS be an integral part of the setup is truly a milestone for us,” said Graça Candido, Co-founder & Commercial Director, t4h. (Tech4home)

This state-of-the-art RCU comes with dual sensors including a light sensor, motion sensor and in-built Google assistant. The RCU detects the light in the environment and displays the backlit keys when picked up and automatically turns off when not in use to save the battery. The NOTUS also features a patented t4h. smart swap system in a variety of covers that come in a Red (plastic), Glossy White (Plastic), Gold (Metallic), Fabric, and natural textile designs. The patented smart swap system with its range of covers lets the end-user decide from a variety of personalization options for their remote control with ease.

“Our world-class and innovative Android TV solutions complement the idea of t4h’s NOTUS Custom Covers RCU by creating the best user experience and offering what users have not experienced before,” said Silver Soomre, Head of TV Services, Elisa Estonia

t4h. has a team of professionals dedicated to bringing together innovative designs along with exceptional technology, the Innovation Lab. This team is the reason for the continuous innovations of t4h. over the years. The NOTUS custom cover remote control is a brainchild of t4h.’s Innovation Lab and is dedicated to providing an end-user-centric RCU and becoming an integral part of the ease of operation. It has been the recipient of various awards including the 2020 Red Dot Design Award and a finalist for the 2021 IF Design Awards. t4h. through its, NOTUS has created a bridge between new smart technologies like the in-built Google assistant and the ease of absolute personalization for the end-users.

“I am very proud of how far we have come with the NOTUS RCU Family. The relentless teamwork and months of work have paid off with the NOTUS getting global attention and multiple awards. Along with these accolades, our partnership with Elisa Elamus reaffirms our commitment to nothing but the best experience for the end-user to find in their living room,” said Ton den Ouden, CTO and Innovation Lab Head, t4h. (Tech4home)

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