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Rubenstein joins Rolling Stone’s Culture Council

December 20, 2021

Rolling Stone Culture Council, an invitation-only thinktank collective of leaders and business innovators from a variety of industries shaping culture and society, selects Cate Rubenstein, SVP of Global Marketing at Toluna, to join its unique community.

Rubenstein was specifically selected as Rolling Stone Culture Council’s newest member because of her contributions to multiple innovative and cutting-edge industries including tech, music, film, TV, fashion, media and consumer insights. Rubenstein joins senior leaders from various industries influencing how global culture is shaped, including art, entertainment, fashion, film, food and beverage, gaming, hospitality, media, music, sports, technology, television, theatre and more.

The Rolling Stone Culture Council invites members for inclusion based on industry roles, business accomplishments, thought leadership, contributions to culture and society, plus willingness to help lead what’s next in tech, music, arts, and related industries. Members of this insiders-only vetted private network are selected from some of the most successful companies across North America and Europe to share their ideas and expertise across a broad range of subjects, contribute articles on the iconic publication’s online edition, and participate in Expert Panels.

“In difficult times, the world has always looked to music, the arts, media, tech and cultures and industries surrounding them, for direction and inspiration. The members of this exclusive community are exceptional and innovative true leaders known for fresh thinking. We look forward to the insights and thoughtful discussions that will come from them and this new business-based community,” said Scott Gerber, co-founder of Rolling Stone Culture Council. “We believe that this council brings together industry leaders with the right mix of expertise, passion, and energy to do great things and make real contributions both to their own businesses and to the larger enterprise world surrounding and informing their businesses.

Rubenstein oversees all global marketing efforts and activities for world-renowned tech-based market research company Toluna. She is also a mentor for WIRe (Women in Research, of which Toluna is a corporate sponsor) and a respected senior global marketing creative exec across industries with keen interest in issues shaping local cultures across regions.

Rubenstein said: “As a longstanding fan of Rolling Stone, I’m thrilled to join such a valuable community of diverse thought leaders and look forward to contributing meaningful perspective about the world we all share as we strive to together understand tomorrow, now. Toluna is at the forefront of humanising data and making critical insights make sense for people. We know how rapidly cross-industry market behavior and cultures are changing, and we’re excited to share our bold global direction, clear eye on the future and tech-driven platform to amplify the voice of consumers. We anticipate this pivotal community will be a hot spring of ideas to help shape disparate communities worldwide, and we look forward to being part of the future. Thank you, Rolling Stone, for acknowledging our leadership in what’s now – and next.”

As businesses across industries recognise the need to engage directly and instantly with consumers to make informed, strategic decisions, Toluna is focused on continued technology investment to deliver innovative solutions that drive high quality research at the always-on pace required for today’s dynamic and challenging market. With an unmatched 21-year industry legacy, Toluna is transforming the market research industry to help global brands understand and predict future consumer needs with speed, agility, quality and ease.

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