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Research: Couples spend 43 days a year streaming TV

January 31, 2022

A third of Brits spend the equivalent of 43 days a year streaming TV with their partner, yet just 4 per cent cuddle while doing so, according to research from connectivity provider TalkTalk.

But while couples may not want to cuddle when s, it appears they more affectionate when it comes to choosing what they watch. TalkTalk’s research shows 58 per cent will watch a show they hate because their partner loves.

First sight psychologist Mel Schilling says it’s important to strike a balance: “Partners shouldn’t compromise on their taste too much. Most couples have TV shows that they watch exclusively on their own and others that they share with their partner, this is a sign of a healthy balance between togetherness and independence.”

Other research findings include:

  • Almost one in four (23 per cent) insisting on pausing the TV if their partner wants to talk
  • Over 20 per cent get annoyed if their partner doesn’t pay attention and then asks questions.
  • Network data shows more people across the UK sit down to watch their favourite show on a Sunday evening at 9pm than at any other single time.

The most popular genres to enjoy as a couple:

  1. Crime/police drama (62 per cent)
  2. Documentaries (50 per cent)
  3. Comedy Shows (46 per cent)
  4. Period Dramas (33 per cent)
  5. Sci-fi or fantasy (30 per cent)
  6. Romantic Comedies (24 per cent)

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