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Pixellot partners with German football associations

February 22, 2022

Pixellot, a provider of AI-Automated sports video and analytics solutions, has signed a multi-year partnership with six German state football associations to provide video streaming, capture, data and analysis to revolutionise training and coaching at 5,000 football clubs.

Under the new collaboration with Pixellot, the State Football Associations of Berlin, Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Sachsen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Thüringen will provide their member clubs with the Pixellot Air integrated mobile solution for video capture, review, and analysis.

Pixellot Air is a portable device with a dual camera array and direct cloud uploading. Following any games, Pixellot delivers automatically produced video for coding, tagging, and annotating on a dedicated coaching platform. Now clubs in these associations can enjoy the same technology used to gain a competitive advantage by some of the giants of world football, such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona. The latter took part in developing and testing the technology, in partnership with the Barca Innovation Hub.

“This agreement gives thousands of German football clubs untapped ability to leverage innovation to coach their players and safeguard their futures in an uncertain world,” said Alon Weber, CEO of Pixellot. “We’re excited to provide our technology, to enhance coaching and stream games to engage with fans, but also the expertise of our skilled team at Pixellot. This is a transformative opportunity to advance grass roots football in Germany. The clubs in these regions can revolutionise coaching and talent development, but crucially, future proof to be commercially successful and continue to engage with the community and their fans – whatever comes in the future”.

“The Pixellot technology that we now have access to via our partnership will transform the way our clubs approach video analysis and talent development,” says Björn Rädel, Director of Sport at Uwe Seeler Football Park. “This professional suite of tools, such as video tagging, shot charts and heatmaps, means we can take player development at our member clubs to the next level. We have the opportunity to develop our existing players, but also to identify and nurture the football stars of the future. This is an exciting and important partnership for football in our region”.

The Football Associations of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg are part of the Norddeutscher Fussball-Verband (Northern German Football Association), while Berlin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen and Thüringen are part of the Nordostdeutscher Fussball-Verband (Northeastern German Football Association) – two of the six state football associations this sit within the Deutscher Fußball-Bund (German Football Association).

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