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Samba TV launches iCPM currency

February 24, 2022

Samba TV, a global player in television data technology, has announced the launch of its new advertising currency, incremental cost per thousand impressions (iCPM), where marketers only pay for ad impressions served within households previously unexposed to their linear TV campaigns.

The new performance-based iCPM metric is designed to help advertisers discover and reach increasingly difficult to engage audiences across linear, streaming, online, and mobile video.

“Samba TV’s iCPM currency is a game changer for our industry,” said Empower Senior Vice President of Investment Krista Lang. “The product now provides Empower clients like Wendy’s with a simplified view into the performance of our linear and CTV campaigns so that we can quickly and efficiently minimise any wasted budget spent not reaching our audiences.”

“Amidst the rapid increases in streaming TV and simultaneous declines in traditional TV viewership, brand marketers are struggling to reach their entire audience with the right message, the right number of times,” commented Samba TV SVP of Revenue Products Avi Brown. “With more than a third of all US consumers no longer watching any linear television, it has become a business imperative for brands to find new solutions. iCPM by Samba TV is the first omniscreen solution that provides marketers with incremental reach as a performance guarantee currency. By leveraging iCPM, media buyers eliminate the risk of wasted budgets and guarantee that they are reaching only new, incremental audiences.”

Meredith Brace, Chief Marketing Officer of Samba TV, added: “Marketers have very few guarantees and even less flexibility in video advertising today. They know there is significant waste and missed opportunity in how they buy not only linear television but all video. iCPM by Samba TV eliminates the waste and delivers on the opportunity in a guaranteed way marketers can see and measure.”

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