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INVIDI Technologies launches Conexus

April 12, 2022

Global addressable advertising solutions company INVIDI Technologies’ CEO and Global Chief Technology Officer Bruce Anderson have unveiled INVIDI Conexus, the company’s platform that will allow programmers to execute national addressable campaigns at an unprecedented scope across multiple distributors.

The new platform provides highly scalable national addressable minutes by cutting through the disparate distribution landscape easily and efficiently.

With one-time integration, Conexus provides streamlined execution and processing to programmers:* A consolidated campaign management layer that allows programmers to enter a campaign once using the intuitive Conexus interface or their existing order management system and select the distributors for deployment.

* A centralized platform that brings together critical advertising campaign information like inventory, audience, scheduling, asset, and impression details in a standard format and operates within existing programmer systems.

*  Permission-based access to cross-distributor monitoring, performance, and attribution.

*  A standards-based approach to promote and preserve interoperability with other distributors and third parties.

*  By removing barriers between distributors, Conexus gives programmers access to a unified, addressable footprint along with powerful measurement capabilities.

“Conexus will unify the INVIDI footprint so that programmers can access our addressable capabilities through a single set of interfaces and reach all our distribution partners, including DIRECTV, DISH TV, and others,” explains INVIDI’s CEO and Global CTO Bruce Anderson. “Conexus also provides the flexibility to use additional value-enhancing tools and preserves the choice to use existing tool chains. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Conexus is a bridge to other addressable distribution systems, allowing for a national addressable ecosystem to become a reality.”“INVIDI pioneered the technology that enabled addressable advertising across our DIRECTV footprint,” says Amy Leifer, Chief Advertising Sales Officer at DIRECTV. “We were among the first to adopt this technology and have created enormous value for advertisers by delivering more relevant ads to their customers, within the most premium programming available. It’s a win all around.”As leaders in the addressable TV space, “DISH Media has always understood that interoperability would become a necessity as programmers, advertisers and distributors recognize the enormous potential for national addressable advertising,” said Kevin Arrix, Senior Vice President, DISH Media at DISH Network. “We are proud to be one of the first distributors to implement Conexus to help scale access of addressability to national programmer campaigns.”

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