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Study: Ethnic groups’ entertainment priorities

August 18, 2022

Entertainment data and insights company Luminate has released its latest quarterly Entertainment 365 study, presenting an in-depth look into how different US audience groups engage with and prioritise various types of entertainment across TV, music, film, gaming and social media.

The report specifically provides insights on underrepresented populations in the US, including Black audiences, Hispanic audiences, Asian and Asian-American audiences, Native American audiences, and LGBTQ+ audiences. Additionally, it provides a look at the entertainment habits of female-identifying consumers.

Key findings from the Spotlight on Underrepresented Audiences report:

The Black/African American audience is selective in their entertainment choices, going for streaming content that lets them connect to their culture, identity, and values.

  • They are almost 10 per cent more likely to live stream podcast/talk shows and almost 20 per cent more likely to live stream music events

Experiences are at the forefront for Native American consumers, opting for live events.

  • They are 25 per cent more likely to go to the movie theatre, 40 per cent more likely to play sports, and 32 per cent more likely to attend live music events

The Hispanic audience enjoys spending leisure time with others and are especially drawn to visual forms of entertainment from in-home movies and TV series to theatre outings.

  • Hispanic movie watchers spend 31 per cent greater share of dollars on movie experiences

Gen Z has a competitive nature, spending their time and money on virtual reality and gaming.

  • They are the only generation to spend the greatest share of their entertainment dollars on gaming expenses

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