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XGIMI reveals new Magic Lamp projector

August 25, 2022

XGIMI, a design and industry-awarded projector and laser TV brand, has revealed the XGIMI Magic Lamp projector – an innovative design form-factor for the modern user.

XGIMI has always been committed to creating innovative product forms and innovating based on consumer pain points. The new projector is a three-in-one: ceiling lamp, projector, and speaker. It’s a space-saving solution, resolving the issue of not knowing where to place a projector, by subtly fitting in with home décor. Not only this, but the Magic Lamp provides a front row seat to an unobstructed view, nearly positioned on the ceiling so the image doesn’t become obscured by passersby. It’s clever positioning also avoids any light being shone directly into users eyes, providing an even safer viewing experience.

The Magic Lamp is the third generation of this revolutionary product launched by XGIMI. XGIMI has been pioneering this form factor since 2018, first releasing the Magic Lamp in Japan, and now bringing them to the Chinese market.  

An Unlimited Viewing Experience   

Showcasing the latest innovations in design, XGIMI specially developed and manufactured a bespoke optical machine for the Magic Lamp to suit the ceiling lamp form factor. Different from other short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors on the market, the XGIMI Magic Lamp has a non-destructive axis shift of a 32° super large angle. When projected onto a 100-inch display, the height of the screen can be freely adjusted up and down within a range of 1 meter, allowing users to lower the height as much as they like. Not only does the XGIMI Magic Lamp blend into any room seamlessly, but it also avoids any risk of looking directly into the light to provide a safe viewing experience. Giving users the freedom to adjust the picture to suit their needs, the XGIMI Magic Lamp provides a safe projection solution for all members of the family to get involved with – avoiding obstacles and increasing eye safety.

The Magic Lamp features a Harman Kardon sound system and numerous IoT integration options, bringing magical experiences to its users. Offering borderless projection display, the image blends perfectly with the wall, offering a brand-new immersive visual experience. 

The XGIMI Magic Lamp will be available in China. 

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