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iSpot hires McAfee

September 16, 2022

iSpot, the real-time TV measurement company, has announced that TV data and ad industry executive Jodie McAfee has taken on the role of SVP Agency Partnerships.

In this position, McAfee is responsible for expanding and deepening cooperation with agencies and leading special initiatives aimed at helping agencies integrate iSpot’s products for easier buying, planning and optimisation. McAfee’s team will also strengthen the bridges between agencies and the 750 direct brand customers that use iSpot’s suite of ad measurement products across the complete lifecycle of advertising from creative testing to media verification to business outcomes.

“iSpot recognises that agencies play a vital role in shaping the future of TV advertising and consumer/brand engagement,” said iSpot CEO Sean Muller.“We are committed to furthering their successes and innovations with accurate measurement and steadfast support led by Jodie and his team.”

McAfee, who led the creation and development of Project OAR, the industry consortium that brought addressable standards to linear TV,  will oversee agency involvement in the cross-platform currency movement. His team will also be tasked with helping to bring streaming platforms and agencies together to agree on new currencies coming from iSpot’s verification products, which ensure publishers, platforms and agencies transact on ads delivered when a TV is turned on and detected on a screen.

“There is an enormous opportunity for iSpot and agencies to redefine how TV is bought, sold, measured and verified in a way that improves the process for all constituents in the ecosystem,” said McAfee.

McAfee previously held an executive leadership role at VIZIO.  Prior to that, he led the global sales launch of Samsung Ads and was the Head of Marketing at Hallmark Channel.

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