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Sánchez named RTVE president

September 28, 2022

From David Del Valle in Madrid

RTVE’s board of directors has appointed journalist and TV presenter Elena Sánchez as the new interim president of the Spanish broadcaster. Sánchez, herself a member of the board of directors, has developed her professional career mainly at RTVE. In August 2018, she was appointed general secretary of the Corporation by the team led by Rosa María Mateo, a position that she left by her own decision in September 2020. In March 2021, she was appointed as advisor to the RTVE Corporation.

For nearly four decades she has been in front and behind television cameras  – presenting and directing news programmes, current affairs programmes and debates on La 1, La 2 and Canal 24 Horas.Her appointment comes soon after Jose Manuel Perez Tornero resigned from the post. Sánchez’s mandate will be interim until the appointment of a new president by Parliament, not likely to take place until 2024.

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