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New roster of TV programmers tap Beachfront and Canoe

October 6, 2022

Beachfront, the sell-side ad server built for convergent TV, and Canoe Ventures, an addressable TV technology and services company, have announced that an enhanced list of TV programmers are adopting Beachfront’s unified ad serving technology alongside Canoe’s Service Assurance offering to drive advertising revenue and tune-in across disparate TV environments.

Solving for crucial fragmentation challenges, Beachfront’s sell-side ad serving technology makes monetisation of traditional set-top box TV and connected TV ad inventory interoperable for clients. Canoe’s Service Assurance, when integrated with Beachfront, allows TV programmers to gain additional benefits including monitoring and fixing of technical issues that impact revenue. Initial programmers deploying platforms and campaigns with Beachfront include AFRO TV, It’s Real Good TV, Kabillion, ToonAVision, and TV One, with EPIX utilising for in-house promos.

“Unified ad serving across CTV and set-top box VOD supply is critical functionality that programmers are demanding as the lines between platforms continue to blur,” said Chris Maccaro, CEO at Beachfront. “Enabling interoperability of TV ad inventory for our clients and their ad operations teams is a feat that many platforms have been unable to accomplish. We’re thrilled to bolster our existing partnership with Canoe in a way that unlocks new revenue streams and more cost-efficient monetisation options for programmers, and affords brands easier access to premium, cross-screen TV inventory.”

Programmers utilising Canoe and Beachfront for campaign management and ad serving can uniformly service their direct-sold deals across CTV and set-top box VoD environments. Current programmers have already complimented these direct-sold deals with programmatic monetisation from Beachfront’s marketplace and backfill from Canoe to drive greater demand density and inventory yield. With this offering, programmers are also able to curate private marketplace (PMP) deals that comprise CTV and set-top box VoD inventory, making it more efficient and compelling for advertising partners to purchase their inventory.

“As the television landscape continues to fragment across traditional and streaming environments, programmers and media buyers alike are seeking more uniform ways to execute, service, and optimise their advertising campaigns,” said Mark Shepard, SVP and GM, Core DAI at Canoe. “Being able to offer campaign management through our existing Service Assurance offering and Beachfront’s ad server solves a major headache for our partners, streamlining the process of monetising CTV and traditional TV ad inventory for programmers.”

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