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Get into the spirit this season with FAST Channels TV lineup

October 11, 2022

FAST Channels TV offers an impressive collection of horror content, from unexplained stories and independent slashers to cult classics – just in time for Halloween.

With more than 20 new linear channels in the process of being added to the current FAST Channels TV line-up, there are a number of listings that promise a fright ahead of October 31st.

Dark Matter TV has over 2,000 titles for sci-fi, action, and horror film fans, and is showcasing different horror genres every week of October. Dark Corners brings some of the most mysterious stories to the small screen, and HORRORMAX TV features over 1,000 edge-of-your-seat movies, including Halloween, Nosferatu and Night of the Living Dead. SciFi Horror Classics showcases the best film and TV screams, FlixHouse Horror is full of scary fan favourites, with Horror Asylum showing everything spooky, from slashers to the supernatural. Ghost Dimension explores the world’s most haunted locations, while a-z Horror & Cult is a melting pot of classic cult horror.

Distribution partners, Mometu, Flixhouse, Freebie TV, and HeroGo TV are already taking advantage of FAST Channels TV spooky offering.

Bryan Louzil, Vice President of Business Development for Mometu, said: “We understand the enormous potential that lies within the horror genre and are thrilled to bring several channels to the Mometu platform. By partnering with FAST Channels TV, we hope to create a larger, more accessible user experience for horror fans everywhere to discover and stream the content they love.”

Fast Channels TV’s Russell Foy commented: “We have a growing selection of dedicated genre channels, showing a range of classics and recent releases perfect for this time of year. Our diverse catalog of 200+ channels allows partners to put content in front of audiences who can’t find what we offer on any other platform.”

FAST Channels TV’s channel count now stands at over 230, with more being added each month. If you have premium content and want to create a FAST channel, or are looking for more content for your platform, visit

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