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Promote your OTT platform with social media marketing

Generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness Social media is the obvious place to start promoting your free, ad-supported TV (FAST) channels and platform. But it’s not just about creating an account and posting ad hoc. Social media marketing requires an evolving strategy with measurable goals, including: · Maintaining and optimising your profiles. […]

June 2, 2023

New sports FAST channel launching for IP FAMBA

Recognising and celebrating sports cultural diversity is crucial to creating an all-inclusive and peaceful society where everyone feels valued and respected. This is precisely what IP FAMBA aims to achieve through its subsidiaries, IP FAMBA TV. Founded by former NBA Legend turned entrepreneur, Jerome ‘Junk Yard Dog’ Williams, the company promotes ‘Intellectual Property For Athletes […]

May 30, 2023

JOUR, Paranormal HQ join FAST Channels TV

JOUR and Paranormal HQ have joined FAST Channels TV giving audiences unique films focusing on three main areas: Human Potential, our Evolving Planet and Classified Reality. JOUR showcases human interest documentaries, films and episodic series that seek to inspire global action. Through the science of wellness and spirituality, our evolving planet, and humanity’s quest for […]

May 25, 2023

One trick to acquiring customers for FAST streaming platforms

…and how to retain existing active users We’ve all seen that click bait headline offering to show you one weird trick to burn belly fat, combat hair loss or reverse your diabetes (or does that say something about our search history?). Well, there’s one trick to getting customers for your FAST streaming platform and it’s […]

May 16, 2023

Grove Street FM helping rural America get into FAST market

Grove Street FM, a provider of localised content in rural Central Virginia, has signed and released 150 new streaming channels from FAST Channels TV to its growing community of viewers. The channels are streaming at no charge to their viewers in an Ad based model Grove Street FM chief executive officer, Woody G. Watts, commented: […]

April 27, 2023

Can FAST become the new cable?

FAST (free ad-supported television) is often likened to cable TV — they both deliver live and on-demand television to your eyeballs — but there are sharp differences between the two that could see free ad-supported streaming TV services kill cable. Lesser cable channels rarely feature original programming, relying instead on ‘reruns’ of older network shows […]

April 24, 2023

FAST Channels TV comedy line-up is a laughing matter

FAST Channels TV offers an impressive collection of laugh-a-minute content – from funny films and viral videos to stand-up specials and classic cartoons. With over 10 dedicated linear comedy channels, and more in the process of being added to the current line-up, you are guaranteed a good laugh. MomCave is an award-winning channel of comedy […]

April 3, 2023

What is FAST?

Free Ad-supported Television (FAST) is, as the name suggests, free and funded by ads, meaning viewers can watch live and on-demand content without having to pay for a cable package or streaming service. To viewers, FAST channels are almost indistinguishable from traditional linear TV, but instead of being broadcast, all the content is streamed. You […]

February 21, 2023

FAST Channels TV reveals 2023 lineup

FAST Channels TV’s content library continues to grow, with a channel count that now stands at over 230 – with more being added each month – offering hundreds of hit movies, binge-worthy TV, cartoons, sports, news and more. The huge collection of FAST channels includes 20 LatAm channels, 17 African channels, and 17 Indian channels, […]

January 24, 2023

What can we expect from FAST TV in 2023?

Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) has captured the imagination of the entertainment industry in recent years, firmly establishing itself as a disrupter in the online streaming market. Not too long ago, viewers were doing anything they could to get away from ads. With a strong focus on subscription video, ads were seen as a vestige […]

January 11, 2023