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QVC, Stranger Things create livestream and VoD shopping events

November 5, 2022

QVC has partnered with Netflix’s Stranger Things and social influencer Tessa Netting to present four original streaming shopping events inspired by the hit series – including two livestreams.    

QVC’s streaming shopping events appear exclusively on the QVC+ and HSN+ streaming experience, which is available in more than 100 million internet-connected US homes and on many popular streaming platforms. The QVC+ and HSN+ streaming experience offers QVC’s most robust, comprehensive streaming shopping experience, including over 200 streaming-only show episodes, live linear programming, and on-demand content – all in one easy-to-use, fully shoppable app.

QVC’s Stranger Things events include “Stranger Things: A Day in Hawkins,” “Hawkins FAQ,” “Christmas ‘86: ‘Stranger Things’ Gift Guide LIVE,” and “Stranger Things Day Preview LIVE.” The events feature an exclusive, special-edition set of five “Stranger Things” pins from FiGPiN, available only at QVC, along with other series-themed items.

“Stranger Things: A Day in Hawkins” and “Hawkins FAQ” drop at midnight on November 6th, in honour of “Stranger Things” Day, which marks the date in 1983 when the action in the Netflix series begins with the disappearance of Will Byers. “Stranger Things – A Day in Hawkins” follows Tessa Netting as she explores the “Stranger Things” Experience, an immersive, interactive walkthrough in Atlanta with iconic sets from the series. As Netting tours the Byers’ Living Room, Scoops Ahoy, Rink-O-Mania and the Hellfire Club, she shares funky-fresh “Stranger Things” finds for the holidays. At the top of the list is the QVC exclusive from FiGPiN. Additional gift ideas include the following:

  • A mini collectible replica of “Stranger Things” character Eddie’s Warlock guitar, from Axe Heaven;
  • Bitty Boomers Bluetooth speakers, shaped like “Stranger Things” characters;
  • An Energizer flashlight for hunting Demogorgons, the primary monsters in “Stranger Things”;
  • Series-themed toys from Mattel and Hasbro; and more.

Viewers can shop the QVC Netflix “Stranger Things” collection within the “Stranger Things: A Day in Hawkins” experience on the app or anytime on The QVC collection also includes “Stranger Things” books, cosmetics, electronics and more. “Hawkins FAQ” features “residents” (portrayed by actors) talking about life in Hawkins, interspersed with gift ideas from the QVC Netflix “Stranger Things” collection.

QVC’s next “Stranger Things” show goes live at 2 p.m. EST on November 11th, as a tribute to Eleven, the main character in the Netflix series. “Christmas ’86: ‘Stranger Things’ Gift Guide LIVE” is set in 1986, the year of QVC’s founding, complete with the original QVC logo, vintage attire and classic scenery. QVC Host Rick Domeier joins Netting to share “Stranger Things” gift ideas in a “nostalgic broadcast.” But as the show unfolds, strange things start to happen, as QVC tips into the Upside Down.

Netting also presented a live preview of the “Stranger Things” collection on November 1st, giving viewers on the QVC+ and HSN+ streaming experience app a sneak peek from the Byers’ Living Room in the “Stranger Things” Experience. This livestream is now available as VOD on the streaming app.

“We’re excited to bring ‘Stranger Things’ into the world of streaming video shopping through this collaboration with Netflix,” said Susan Ripke, Vice President Streaming Commerce and Experience, vCommerce Ventures, a division of Qurate Retail Group. “These vCommerce events showcase our unrivaled ability to translate entertainment megahits into vCommerce experiences that resonate with fans of the hit show and fans of streaming video shopping alike.”

QVC’s “Stranger Things” streaming shopping events reflect Qurate Retail Group’s strategic initiative to create original vCommerce experiences across new media and digital platforms. The QVC+ and HSN+ streaming experience combines five linear broadcast channels – QVC, QVC2, QVC3, HSN and HSN2, offering 50+ hours a day of live vCommerce content – with three digital-only linear channels and a wide range of streaming-only shows and programmes.

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