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Metavision launches Fortnite Creative experience for The Traitors

December 16, 2022

The BBC’s hit new reality show The Traitors can now be played virtually in Fortnite Creative, Atlas Creative and Metavision have announced.

In keeping with the version played in the BBC One and BBC iPlayer television show, players are able to take on different challenges to earn points, but hidden among them are the Traitors whose job is to secretly eliminate a player without getting caught. The Traitors have special abilities throughout each of the challenges and it’s up to the others, the Faithfuls, to spot them and banish them from the game before they become the next victim.

The collaborative campaign extending The Traitors to Fortnite Creative, which has been devised by ITV-backed Metaverse studio and agency Metavision, builds on the firm’s previous campaign for BBC Three’s drama Wreck, allowing the broadcaster to reach younger native audiences by building relevant content across Fortnite Creative, social platforms and BBC-owned channels.

To tie back to the BBC show Claudia Winkleman, who hosts the new psychological reality competition series, will also feature in the campaign. Metavision also worked closely with show producers Studio Lambert and format creators, IDTV, to ensure the experience was faithful to the format.

Outside the Fortnite Creative map, Metavision kickstarted the launch of the campaign with a Twitch livestream with UK-based streamer and singer-songwriter Talia Mar. Metavision is also working with UK Fortnite creator Ali-A to create social media content to help engage with its target audience.

Players can enter Traitors vs Faithfuls experience through Fortnite Creative by entering the code 1159-6819-8505 in the ‘Discover’ tab.

Rhys Hancock, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Metavision, said: “We’re incredibly excited to extend our partnership with the BBC to bring The Traitors into Fortnite Creative. We wanted to create a faithful extension of the show with all the drama, tension and deception to reach and delight new audiences and give players a chance to become a Traitor. This 360 campaign aims to build on the immediate success of the show to attract young people who would be traditionally consuming less TV content.”

Jamie Dodds, Digital Commissioning Executive at the BBC, said: “We’re thrilled to be giving audiences the chance to experience the nail-biting suspense of The Traitors in this brand new game. As fans of the series will know, The Traitors is a high-stakes, emotionally-charged ride where players can never quite tell who they can really trust, and we’re excited to bring the unique and immersive gameplay that the show has become known for into Fortnite.

Sarah Fay, Executive Producer, at Studio Lambert, said: “We are so excited that fans who have become obsessed with The Traitors will now get the chance to experience the unique gameplay that has proved such a hit with audiences so far.”

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