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Spain: Telcos raise subscription prices

January 13, 2023

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Spanish telcos Movistar, Vodafone and Orange are raising their subscription fees to mitigate declining revenues.

On average, Movistar and Vodafone are increasing their monthly fees by 6.8 per cent and 6.5 per cent, respectively. Moving with the tide, Orange is also set to rise its fees between €2 and €5 a month from March.

Movistar is already applying the price hike for miMovistar Max subscribers (fibre package and mobile) paying €3 more from €54.90 to €57.90. Movistar Ilimitado goes from €69.90 to €74.90 and Movistar Ilimitado X2 from €84.90 to €90.90.

In packages with TV, Movistar + Esencial will now cost from €10 to €11; sports from €18 to €19; Champions from €20 to €21; La Liga from €30 to €32; and all the football from €43 to €45.

From January 22nd, Vodafone will increase its fees between €3.90 and €7.20 in convergent packages. In March Orange will increase its fees.

The operators are seeking to increase their revenues in a very competitive market that it is estimated that it has lost 35 per cent of its global revenues in the last decade.

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