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Study: Japan led World Cup final streaming

February 2, 2023

Plume, the personalised communications services pioneer, has revealed insights into the streaming market following a study conducted from homes powered by its cloud-driven solution in Japan, Europe, and the US. Globally, Plume has connected more than 2.2 billion WiFi-enabled devices and currently manages over 45 million locations in the Plume Cloud.

This update explores streaming device popularity on the day of the final game at the FIFA World Cup Qatar in December 2022, one of the most-viewed sporting events globally. In Europe and the US, there were only marginal increases in streaming device data consumption during the big game on December 18th 2022, of 11 per cent and 28 per cent respectively compared to the previous year’s baseline, suggesting that broadcast television was the most popular viewing medium. However, Japan saw an exponential increase of 109 per cent in streaming device data consumption versus the baseline.

In all territories there was an increase in smartphone usage, suggesting that consumers use the small screen to interact with content and communicate with friends during the game, with Japan leading the increase in usage across the smartphone, set-top box, and smart TV device categories:


  • Japan: +94 per cent
  • U.S.: +34 per cent
  • Europe: +18 per cent


Set-top box

  • Japan: +156 per cent
  • U.S.: +17 per cent
  • Europe: +15 per cent


Smart TV

  • Japan: +171 per cent
  • U.S.: +22 per cent
  • Europe: -15.3 per cent


“Our latest Plume IQ study reveals some fascinating insights into streaming popularity,” said David Huynh, Chief Product Officer at Plume. “Plume’s indices suggest that on big game day, December 18th 2022, the majority of consumers in Europe and the US relied on non-internet-based mediums to watch the action. However, in Japan, consumers turned to streaming with the online TV provider Abema providing all the games over the internet. This resulted in a 109 per cent increase in streaming device usage, with increases in set-top box and smart TV usage of 156 per cent and 171 per cent respectively.”

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