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Thaicom allocates €400m+ for new satellites

February 15, 2023

By Chris Forrester

Thailand’s satellite operator Thaicom has budgeted 15 billion Thai Baht (about €413m) for the construction of three new satellites at its 119.5 degrees East orbital slot.

Thaicom is using its Space Tech Innovation (STI) subsidiary to manage the procurement. STI acquired the orbital slots at 119.5, 120.0 and 78.5 degrees East at a Thailand auction last month which raised Thai Bhat 806 million.

Thaicom had long operated the slots at 119.5 (with Thaicom 4) and 78.5 East (with Thaicom 6) but the ownership of the two satellites went to Thailand’s Ministry of Digital Economy & Society when Thaicom’s concession to operate the satellites ended in September 2021. The Ministry then assigned operation of the two satellites to National Telecom.

Thaicom CEO Patompob Suwansiri said his Board of Directors had approved the investment in new satellites which would concentrate on the 119.5 degrees East orbital slot.

Timetable is that the first of the trio of satellites within the next three years.

Some 65 per cent-85 per cent of the cash needed will come from financial institutions.

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