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Report: OLED revenues fall

February 22, 2023

By Chris Forrester

OLED panel revenues decreased 3 per cent y-o-y in Q4’/2022 to $12.6 billion as a result of a 7 per cent y-o-y shipment decline. But analysts say there’s worse to come in 2023 according to Digital Supply Chain Consultants’ (DSCC) latest OLED Shipment Report.

The numbers are spread across the complete industry including OLED-based laptops. But drilling down into the television sector and the Q4 fall was of 4 per cent y-o-y and 12 per cent in terms of revenue.

DSCC says: “For 2022, OLED panel revenues declined 1 percent y-o-y to $41.7 billion as a result of a 1 percent y-o-y decline for OLED smartphones and a 9 per cent y-o-y decline for OLED TVs. Several OLED applications had growth in 2022. These included AR/VR, automotive, monitors, tablets and game platforms.”

DSCC adds: “In Q1 2023, we are estimating that OLED panel revenues will decline 24 per cent y-o-y to $7.5 billion as a result of significant declines for OLED smartphones and OLED TVs. We expect panel revenues for OLED smartphones to decline 21 per cent y-o-y and OLED TVs to decline 39 per cent y-o-y as well as other categories declining by double-digits.”

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