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Ampersand launches sports-focused audience segments

April 4, 2023

Ampersand, the audience-first TV advertising sales company, has launched new sports-focused audience segments within the company’s portfolio. The new segments allow brands to directly reach sports viewers in an engaged environment and enable brands to glean insights into these viewers’ behaviors before, during,  and even after sporting events are over.

By having access to insights about sports fans’ viewing habits before and after a game, marketers using Ampersand can tailor their campaigns to better resonate with those fans, ultimately increasing their ROI and driving sales.

“Sports Viewer audience segments are a game-changer for the industry, reorienting some of the most important audience segments to facilitate brands’ ability to truly optimize their TV investments,” said Natasha Sinagoga, Ampersand’s VP of local sales. “By providing unique insights into the entire fan journey, Ampersand is transforming the way brands can target some of the most desired audience segments.”

Clients can simply select an audience, such as College Football, College Basketball, NBA, NFL or NHL viewer for example, and create a ranker for any market that will showcase that audience segment. Ranking options include “viewing time between broadcast and cable, “viewing percentage between dayparts,” “network-by-network reach,” “network-by-network index,” “network-by-daypart index,” and more. Each audience segment provides clients with the insights they need to make more informed decisions while reaching desired audiences no matter where they are in the consumer journey.

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