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ThinkAnalytics achieves AWS Media & Entertainment Competency status

April 15, 2023

ThinkAnalytics, a specialist in personalised content discovery and hyper-targeted advertising solutions, has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Media & Entertainment Competency. This designation verifies that ThinkAnalytics’ Think360 media and entertainment solution follows architectural and operational best practices, and is being actively used by all of its customers, including Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), Liberty Global, Deutsche Telekom, Bell Media, Tata Play, and BritBox International.

“As delivery platforms and operators continue to benefit greatly from ThinkAnalytics’ relationship with AWS, we are proud to achieve the AWS Media & Entertainment Competency,” said Peter Docherty, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, ThinkAnalytics. “Our work with AWS allows our valued industry customers the unique ability to drive viewer engagement and monetisation by utilizing real-time personalisation in the cloud for content discovery, viewer insights and hyper-targeted advertising.”

ThinkAnalytics enables media & entertainment providers to deliver personalised experiences to their users plus advanced search, all in over 40 languages. Business users can take advantage of Think360 tools to analyze their viewership data, A/B test different experiences and publish new user experiences/use cases with no IT project. ThinkAdvertising also allows them to target audience segments previously only available in digital, while helping to identify inventory value and minimize ad waste.

The media and entertainment industry is transforming as customers re-imagine glass-to-glass workflows across broadcast, content production, direct to consumer, media supply chain and archive, and data science and analytics for media. Media and entertainment customers demand optimal solutions that allow them to realise the complete business value of migrating to the cloud. Not all cloud solutions are created equal and they do not always provide customers the tools to realize the complete operational and economic benefits of operating in the cloud.

AWS Media & Entertainment Competency Partners provide a low-friction way for customers to recognize optimisation from a cloud-operational solution. In making cloud-migration decisions, customers are asking for holistic and prescriptive guidance from ThinkAnalytics for their Think360 product suite, enabling media & entertainment providers to deliver personalized experiences to their users. Proven results show a significant uplift in viewer engagement, reduced churn and lower operational costs.

The AWS Media & Entertainment Competency designation is the way to differentiate AWS Partners that have engineered their solutions and demonstrated the ability to deploy and operationalize these solutions repeatedly, at scale. Finally, and most importantly, they have a list of customers that have successfully deployed the solution on AWS.

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