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Firstlight Media & ThinkAnalytics partnership

September 8, 2020

Firstlight Media and ThinkAnalytics are partnering to enable OTT and pay-TV providers to deploy new cloud-native personalisation capabilities that drive long-term subscriber value.

The two companies will leverage Firstlight Media’s content management system (CMS) and ThinkAnalytics’ cloud-native Content Discovery Platform to empower product owners and programmers to deliver personalised viewing experiences that combine the best of human editorial and AI-powered recommendations.

“The nirvana of personalisation is knowing not only the ‘what’ in the viewer’s decision-making process but also the ‘why,’” said Andre Christensen, CEO of Firstlight Media. “The combination of ThinkAnalytics’ suite of tools and our own real-time personalisation capabilities will turbocharge our customers’ ability to gain deeper, more actionable insights into content that’s coming – and content that was missed – that matters to the viewer.”

“Keeping audiences engaged when there is so much competition for eyeballs requires the ability to anticipate each new step in the viewer’s decision matrix,” said Gabriel Berger, CEO of ThinkAnalytics. “This partnership will help customers drive engagement by enabling more informed, real-time programming decisions that really resonate with viewers.”

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