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ITVX Kids announces summer lineup

May 4, 2023

ITVX Kids, the new dedicated destination for kids on ITVX, has confirmed an initial selection of content that will be available to younger viewers in the 2023 school summer holidays.

Brick builders can look forward to the additional episodes of Lego Dreamzzz (the first series launches this May on ITVX), which centres on a young boy who must defend the real world from the creatures of his nightmares. In a similar theme The Gamers 2037 features three former friends, who must overcome their differences and beat an unbeatable virtual reality game… or risk being trapped inside it forever.

Three different friends are the heroes of Friendzspace (pictured); an animated comedy about a trio of human kids committed to making friends with alien kids across the universe, and posting cool selfies. Tara Duncan will also launch on ITVX; an animated series featuring Tara, an ordinary girl from earth, who discovers that she’s the heir to a magical empire and must travel to a distant world to awaken her superpowers.

ITVX Kids will also offer the first series of All Round Champions, which features ten of the best teen athletes at the top of their game as they step outside their comfort zones to compete against each other. The first season of American Ninja Warrior Junior will also stream, featuring kids taking on the iconic obstacle course.

All of this is in addition to already-announced content including six new episodes of The Rubbish World of Dave Spud, new episodes of The Sound Collector narrated by Keira Knightley, new commissions, and programming for preschool children including Teletubbies, Let’s Go, Sooty, Bob the Builder and more.

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