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Canadian Broadcasters for Sustainability formed

June 12, 2023

Canadian broadcasters have united to form Canadian Broadcasters for Sustainability, a group which is committed to working together to increase environmentally sustainable change. This is the first time such a broad and diverse group of Canadian public and private broadcasters from different linguistic and regional markets have come together for a common cause. The group includes: Accessible Media, Asian Television Network, Bell Media, Blue Ant Media, CBC/Radio-Canada, Channel Zero, CHEK Media, Corus Entertainment, Hollywood Suite, Knowledge Network, New Tang Dynasty (Canada), Nunavut Independent Television Network (Uvagut TV), OUTtv, Pelmorex Corp., Remstar Media, Rogers Sports & Media, Super Channel, Télé-Québec, TFO, TV5, TVO and Wildbrain.

Canadian broadcasters play a significant role in the creation, support and delivery of content to people living in Canada, and with that role comes the obligation to embed environmentally sustainable thinking in their commissioned productions. Working together, the group will share their learnings, reduce duplication and increase collective impact and the speed of environmentally sustainable change.

Canadian Broadcasters for Sustainability is committed to meeting at least quarterly to leverage each other’s sustainability progress and collectively advance five goals:

  • Collaborate on sustainability initiatives to avoid duplication and ensure resources and learnings have more impact.
  • Increase the scope and impact of sustainability actions.
  • Improve efforts to produce content sustainably including how carbon impact is measured and addressed.
  • Reach more audiences with content that inspires people to make more sustainable choices and is informed by science.
  • Understand and consult with marginalised communities that are disproportionately affected by climate change.

“Our industry has a responsibility to take meaningful action on climate change. CBC/Radio-Canada is proud to be among the broadcasters leading the charge to make Canadian media production greener and more sustainable,”said Catherine Tait, President and CEO, CBC/Radio-Canada

“AMI is committed to supporting positive steps to improve living conditions for all, and we look forward to collaborating on continuing the work that has been started,” said David Errington, President and CEO of Accessible Media.

“This initiative, combined with our ongoing commitment to make our operations carbon neutral by 2025 and to reduce absolute GHG emissions by 2030, demonstrates our determination to pursue change within our industry. Bell Media is proud to participate in this essential initiative, with the support of our broadcasting colleagues, to change things for the better and build a more sustainable and prosperous future,” said Karine Moses, Senior Vice President, Content Development & News and Vice Chair, Québec, Bell Media “Blue Ant Media is proud to participate in what is a shared commitment to driving sustainable change in Canada with our industry peers.  This collaboration marks an important step for our company as we work towards making a positive environmental impact,” said Michael MacMillan, co-founder and CEO, Blue Ant Media. “As leaders in media we have an opportunity to use our diverse platforms to raise awareness, inspire action and shape a more sustainable future for generations to come.”““Channel Zero supports the Canadian Broadcasters for Sustainability, which is not only an ethical responsibility but also a strategic decision that drives innovation, ensuring a thriving business in a rapidly changing world,” said Romen Podzyhun, Chairman & CEO, Channel Zero.

“Given our commitment to sustainability, Corus is proud to be collaborating with our colleagues on this industry-wide initiative,” said Colin Bohm, Executive Vice President, Content and Corporate Strategy, Corus Entertainment. “Together with our production partners, these five goals will help us make meaningful gains in reducing our collective impact on the environment.”

“Broadcasters may not be top of mind when it comes to creating a sustainable future, but the measures we are taking together today will help. We are exploring new ways to ensure we minimise the impact of broadcasting and streaming technology, as well as production, and are proud to be collaborating with the Canadian Broadcasters for Sustainability. Hollywood Suite will continue to bring exciting content to audiences while working to reduce our carbon footprint,” said David Kines, President, Hollywood Suite

“Knowledge Network looks forward to working in concert with this strong coalition of broadcasters to develop sustainable sector-wide practices and contribute to informed public dialogue about climate change,” said Michelle van Beusekom, President and CEO of Knowledge Network Corporation.

“When we look at the impacts of climate change, Inuit are one of the most at risk populations in Canada.  As a broadcaster that is providing a voice for Inuit, Uvagut TV is committed to help move the sustainability agenda forward,” said Lucy Tulugarjuk, Nunavut Independent Television Network Executive Director “Pelmorex Corp. strives to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future through our actions and solutions, one decision at a time. We are excited to be a part of this initiative, working with other Canadian broadcasters collectively to increase environmentally sustainable change at a faster speed,” said Nana Banerjee, President & CEO, Pelmorex.

“Responsiveness and adaptability are part of the daily challenges that an independent broadcaster like Remstar Media is exposed to,” said Isabelle Legris, Vice-president and General Manager, Remstar Media. “Our team is honoured to be part of this historic group, whose goal is to encourage positive change, lessen our industry’s carbon footprint and act for a greener and more sustainable future.”

“We are very proud to be joining our fellow broadcasters in this important initiative and doing our part to ensure that meaningful steps are taken in our industry to combat climate change,” said Don McDonald, President & CEO, Super Channel.

“TFO is committed, along with all members of Canadian Broadcasters for Sustainability, to collaborating and working together to accelerate the industry’s green transition and reduce the impact of climate change on our planet,” said Michelle Seguin, President and CEO, TFO.

“TV5 Québec Canada embraces this initiative allowing us to make a difference together,” said Jérôme Hellio, Content Director, TV5 Québec Canada.

“TVO is encouraged and inspired to be a part of this group of Canadian broadcasters,” said John Ferri, VP of Programming, TVO. “We are excited to lend our voice and energy to working collaboratively to bring more sustainable practices and initiatives to the industry.”

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