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Twitter plans smart TV video app

June 19, 2023

By Colin Mann

Twitter owner Elon Musk has confirmed plans for a Twitter video app on smart TVs.

Responding to a tweet suggesting that: “We really need a Twitter video app for Smart TVs”, Musk replied: ”It’s coming”, without revealing any further details.

On June 15th, during an investor presentation, new Twitter CEO, Linda Yaccarino, and Musk laid out Twitter’s plans to focus on video, creator and commerce partnerships to revitalise the social media company’s business beyond digital advertising.

“Elon Musk’s announcement of an upcoming Twitter video app for Smart TVs is a significant development that is likely to increase social video viewership on TVs and further solidify the habit of streaming content on the largest screen in the home,” suggests Tony Marlow, LG Ad Solutions CMO. “The integration of Twitter into the Smart TV ecosystem will offer users a more immersive and convenient way to engage with the platform’s video content. This collaboration presents exciting opportunities for content creators, influencers, and advertisers to reach a wider audience and deliver compelling interactive experiences. It underscores the growing importance of connected TV platforms and their ability to transform the consumption and engagement of digital content. We anticipate the positive impact this move will have on social media engagement and the continued growth of streaming habits on Smart TVs.”

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