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LG to enable cross-brand appliance connectivity

August 29, 2023

LG Electronics (LG) is set to present its first commercial implementation of the Home Connectivity Alliance’s HCA Specification 1.0, enabling cross-brand appliance connectivity through the LG ThinQ smart home platform. By the end of this year, consumers will be able to control appliances from other brands, such as Samsung and Vestel with the ThinQ app, providing seamless interconnectivity and a smarter, more convenient home.

LG has joined with other brands to bring cross-brand compatibility to major markets worldwide, including South Korea, the US, and Europe. The partnership will initially cover major appliances product categories such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and will gradually be expanded to other types of appliances in the future.

The widespread adoption of HCA Specification 1.0 to development makes it possible to monitor and control various brands’ home appliances and air solutions using a single application. With the ThinQ app, users just have to register their compatible products, and then they’re ready to enjoy the ease and time-saving freedom of one-stop device management. Those with an LG washing machine and a Samsung dishwasher in the home, for example, will no longer have to switch between each manufacturer’s app to set their preferred wash cycle and cleaning settings.

The arrival of cross-brand interconnectivity is the realisation of the HCA’s vision for a seamlessly unified smart home experience. Founded in January 2022 and comprising a number of smart home solutions manufacturers, the HCA aims to provide cloud-based interoperability between the smart home platforms of its member companies. As a board member of the alliance, LG has been working closely with other appliance makers including Samsung and Vestel to drive the adoption of HCA Specification 1.0, with the ultimate goal of enhancing user convenience.

LG has also actively supported the work of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), a global organisation dedicated to developing open communication protocols for smart home devices. LG contributed to the development and standardisation of the Matter protocol, an Internet Protocol-based home IoT communications standard led by the CSA.

“LG ThinQ enables a seamlessly interconnected home appliance ecosystem that will provide new smart home experiences to customers around the globe,” said Jung Ki-hyun, executive vice president and head of platform business centre. “LG will continue to expand compatibility between ThinQ and other HCA members’ smart home platforms.”

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