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FCN joins Circle, OKAST.TV’s customer insight community

September 14, 2023

FCN, the Italian player specialised in FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television,) joins OKAST Circle as an ‘inner’ partner.

Fast Channels Network is a supplier of consultancy services for publishers, rights holders, and channel aggregators. A facilitator and partner for companies that want to position themselves in a rapidly growing market before it reaches future maturation.

OKAST Circle, as a customer insight community, aims to provide all value-added resources OKAST customers may need from technology development, consultancy, training, special events, content production and co-production, lobbying and any other accompaniment that help OTT platforms and premium FAST channels to strive.

OKAST.TV customers can access to two ‘circles’: the inner circle, gathering key consultants and industry executives, like FCN, bringing their network and experience; and the ‘outer’ circle, built with Fiverr, proposing a meticulously cherry-picked pool of trusted experts savvy in all skills needed to operate and boost a video business.

With its network of international players, FCN is a business partner with a portfolio of over 100 Italian and international channels, available with traditional and revenue share model on the Italian and international market.

This partnership with FCN further solidifies OKAST.TV’s commitment to providing comprehensive support and resources to their customers, enabling them to excel in the competitive OTT and FAST channels market.

Both companies will leverage resources form the European consortium FAST4EU and their actions reinforce their roots and commitments in a plural and rich market in Europe.

“I’m thrilled to embark in this journey with the OKAST Circle community. This agreement signifies our dedication to expanding our reach in Europe and offering clients the best expertise on the market,” said Mauro Panella, Co-founder, COO FCN

“I’m particularly stoked to welcome FCN in our OKAST Circle network. Their network of international TV veterans and their business expertise is a very strong value proposition to our customer base, with an Italian taste,” said Cédric Monnier, CEO, Co-founder OKAST

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