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MyBundle, Bango partnership

October 24, 2023

Bango, the global platform for data-driven commerce, and MyBundle, the online platform connecting consumers, streaming services and broadband providers with tools to simplify streaming television, have announced a partnership to open up deeper access to US consumers for streaming subscription services.

Leveraging the Bango Digital Vending Machine technology, this collaboration enables MyBundle to accelerate the deployment of a range of new tools and offerings to the MyBundle marketplace serving more than 180 broadband provider customers in the US. MyBundle broadband partners service more than 10 million US households.

The US broadband landscape is characterized by its fragmentation, with more than 3,000 providers catering to the nation’s urban, suburban and rural communities. For streaming TV providers, harnessing this diverse market can be a challenge. MyBundle acts as the linchpin between streaming services and the broadband industry.

The partnership with Bango accelerates time-to-market and expands the range of subscription services offered by MyBundle. Broadband providers can quickly and effortlessly provide their customers with a comprehensive selection of services, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. Streaming TV (SVoD) providers now have an easy way to expand their reach to millions more customers across the US, including those getting broadband for the first time.

The Bango Digital Vending Machine offers pre-built integrations for many of the world’s leading subscription products and streaming services to expand MyBundle’s subscription portfolio. Through Bango’s single API integration, MyBundle can quickly deliver streaming services within months, dramatically reducing time-to-market.

“We’re delighted to work with MyBundle to help address this lucrative niche in the US market. Our partnership helps quickly and easily deliver the best subscription services to consumers through MyBundle’s broadband partnerships and opens more opportunities for our content provider partners looking to expand in the US market,” said Anil Malhotra CMO at Bango

“During this period of enormous change and disruption in the video ecosystem, consumers are looking for help. By simplifying the streaming experience via our broadband partnerships, MyBundle’s suite of tools offers streaming services another avenue for growth. By partnering with Bango, MyBundle can now even more quickly broaden the range of subscription services available to our customers,” added Jason Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO of MyBundle.

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