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Roku, Unity mobile app partnership

November 20, 2023

Roku has announced a strategic product and commercial partnership with Unity, a platform for creating and operating real-time 3D (RT3D) content, to help mobile app businesses easily expand their app install campaigns to TV streaming inventory.

This partnership offers app marketers a seamless experience in executing TV streaming campaigns for mobile user acquisition, combining Roku’s inventory with Unity’s user acquisition technology and expertise. Utilising Roku’s Action Ads provides viewers with a seamless path from ad view to download, empowering advertisers with the click-through measurement benefits and a frictionless discovery flow for viewers.

Built for performance marketing, Unity’s solution for Roku bridges the gap between TV streaming advertising and app user acquisition. By connecting Roku’s scaled, TV streaming inventory to the Luna app marketing platform, the partnership will enable mobile app marketers to leverage connected TV as part of their user acquisition campaigns and close the measurement loop for enhanced optimisation. Roku’s Action Ads enable a frictionless experience, where a viewer uses their Roku remote to initiate the download process of the game onto their chosen mobile device, after which they return to their TV streaming viewing. Additionally, app marketers will be able to measure the performance of their TV streaming campaigns from initial TV ad exposure to mobile app download – enabling them to drive more cost-efficient growth.

Campaign set up, management and optimisation will be a seamless experience within the Luna from Unity platform. App marketers will log in to Luna from Unity and select Roku from a list of marketing channels. This enables mobile app marketers to easily buy cross-channel media through a single platform.

“Mobile app marketers seek to maximise their budgets and ad opportunities. TV streaming has become the right performance channel to enable growth and provide channel diversity in a highly competitive market,” said Miles Fisher, Senior Director, Head of Emerging and Programmatic Sales at Roku.“Roku’s scale, tech, and direct connection with the viewer are uniquely positioned to make the largest screen in the home work harder for mobile performance marketers on Unity.”

“The driving force behind this partnership is to turn CTV into a high-scale performance channel for apps and games,” added Omer Kaplan, SVP Revenue and Operations for Unity Grow. “Savvy app marketers today know that they have to harness every available channel to drive truly incremental and cost-efficient growth, and CTV represents a huge and largely untapped opportunity. By coupling that scaled inventory with Luna from Unity’s robust campaign management and optimisation technology, this partnership unlocks unique value for app marketers who are looking to drive performance on home TVs. We believe that there is no better combination of partners more suited to making CTV a successful performance marketing channel to add to app advertisers’ UA toolkit.”

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