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GREAT! Player now on YouView, Freeview Play

November 28, 2023

Narrative Entertainment, the UK independent TV broadcaster, continues to expand its reach with the launch of VoD service the GREAT! Player on Freeview Play and YouView TV platforms.

The GREAT! Player, which includes content from movie and entertainment channels GREAT! Movies, GREAT! Action, GREAT! Christmas, GREAT! Romance and GREAT! TV, launched in May 2023 via the red button across the GREAT! linear channels. A full version of the GREAT! Player is now accessible via boxes and connected TVs on Freeview Play and YouView, featuring an array of movies and nostalgic series that viewers can catch-up on anytime, for free.

Steve Hornsey, Narrative Entertainment’s VP Movies & Entertainment, commented “Narrative Entertainment is committed to launching new ways for our growing audience to access and enjoy the GREAT! Network, and we’re excited to expand the reach of the GREAT! Player with valued partners Freeview and YouView.  This comes after a trend-busting year which saw the GREAT! Network’s SOCI up 23 per cent year-on-year compared to -2 per cent for the market. Our targeted and curated approach to free brands and content is proving enticing and engaging for audiences, and the GREAT! Player will enhance this appeal.” This only means good things for viewers who now spend the longest time ever watching the GREAT! Network with an average of 1 hour 13 mins in the past year, the longest on record.”

GREAT! TV saw its share of commercial impacts grow 49 per cent year-on-year since going nationwide in June.  Similarly GREAT! Movies remained the UK’s biggest independent movie network, reaching 6 million Adults 16+ per month.

GREAT! Christmas returned to audiences this year with enhanced UK distribution, remaining the nation’s #1 Christmas channel, and up 55 per cent YoY.

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