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SpaceX to raise $500m-$750m in tender offer

December 7, 2023

By Chris Forrester

SpaceX is looking to raise more than a half-billion dollars in fresh equity by selling so-called ‘insider shares’ priced at about $95 per share, according to a Bloomberg report. If successful, the tender offer would result in a valuation for SpaceX of some $175 billion (€162.4bn).

This move underscores SpaceX’s growing prominence in the commercial space launch industry and the broader space exploration sector.

The potential increase in valuation rises from $150 billion earlier this year to over $175 billion reflects the company’s continued success and investor confidence.

Based on this valuation, should Elon Musk mount an Initial Public Offering for the business it would likely be the largest IPO in history. Musk has recently denied plans to take SpaceX public or to mount an IPO for the Starlink business.

Meanwhile, SpaceX launched another 23 of its Starlink satellites into orbit from Florida overnight (December 6th/7th) from Florida. The event was the 90th Falcon 9 launch this year.

Data from Bryce Technology says that SpaceX will have launched more than 80 per cent of all payloads to orbit this year.

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