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TV demographic modelling partnership

January 25, 2024

datafuelX, a specialist in analytics and technology for multi-currency, cross-platform solutions, is partnering with MRI-Simmons, a provider of insights on the American consumer, to enable the scoring of device-level TV viewing data sets with age/sex propensities and other MRI-Simmons attributes for targeted advertising sales, and pre- and post-campaign reporting. This service will be offered to automatic content recognition (ACR) and set-top box (STB) providers in the US.

To do this, datafuelX’s modelling capability, profileX, layers MRI-Simmons data, including age, sex and other demographic attributes onto the device-level TV viewing data sets. Now, if an advertiser wants to run an addressable campaign against their desired demographic audiences, datafuelX’s model will identify the US TV sets that are most likely to be viewed by those demos.

Aside from the basic applications, this solution has the ability to help the industry deal with another growing issue: the fact that certain states are starting to restrict the release of data – such as race/ethnicity and age – to companies such as Experian and Acxiom.

“The industry has long had the ability to profile device-level TV viewing data using household attributes like ‘Presence of a Male 18 to 24’,” advises Howard Shimmel, Head of Strategy at datafuelX. “With this new solution, we will be able to identify the TVs that are actually being viewed by this demo, based on the MRI-Simmons modelling attributes and actual viewership of that TV. “profileX can help the industry more broadly by being able to fill in important attributes that various states are restricting. These attributes are important for both evaluating the value of individual data sets and weighting to make them more usable.”

“As one of the most representative, single-source datasets on consumer behaviour, MRI-Simmons has been a trusted resource for media planning and advertising sales for decades and was quickly adopted for TV in the early days of data-driven linear,” adds Brian Katz, Head of Advanced Advertising at MRI-Simmons. “By partnering with datafuelX, that same trusted data can be used to personify any ACR and set-top box datasets, allowing advertisers to run addressable campaigns against a desired demographic audience.”

This US partnership follows datafuelX’s success with demographic modelling across five European and two LatAm countries for a leading TV OEM.

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