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Newsbridge rebrands as Moments Lab

March 19, 2024

AI and video search company Newsbridge has unveiedl its new identity: Moments Lab. The rebrand includes a new logo, visual identity, and company name that the company says better encompasses its vision and mission: harnessing the power of multimodal and generative AI to eliminate sourcing roadblocks for content teams worldwide, empowering them to preserve and find the key moments in media libraries to create impactful stories, at scale.

“We’ve come a long way since our company’s beginnings, and we’ve outgrown the name Newsbridge,” said Philippe Petitpont, Moments Lab co-founder and CEO. “Changing our name to Moments Lab reflects the innovations we’ve achieved with next-generation AI, the expanding scope of organizations that we’re working with, and the grand ambitions that we have to enhance the world of video storytelling.”

Moments Lab’s goal is to help all kinds of organisations — from media and sports to entertainment and brands — tell engaging stories in a timely manner and maximise ROI from their content. It all starts with identifying the moments that matter the most. This is what the combination of Moments Lab’s AI indexing technology and workspace solutions help organisations achieve.

The rebrand follows Moments Lab’s multi-million dollar investment in deep-tech R&D and the successful launch of its patented AI indexing models, MXT-1.

“Moments are what stories are made of, and a lab is where great discoveries are made,” said Petitpont. “With our innovative AI-powered solutions, we provide users with easy access and insight into all of their audiovisual content, as well as connections to all of the tools and platforms where their content needs to thrive.”

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