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Netflix orders I Am A Killer season 5 and 6

March 22, 2024

Following the success of the I Am A Killer series, Netflix has renewed the docuseries for a fifth and sixth season. The critically acclaimed true-crime series has been given access to some of the toughest maximum security prisons in the US. Each season focuses on six new prisoners convicted of murder, with exclusive interviews examining the killer’s motives and the crimes they committed.

The two new series were filmed across 13 states in ten prisons, with every episode relaying the events that led each inmate to commit murder, giving a fascinating insight into how they feel about their crimes since being incarcerated. All the prisoners interviewed are either on death row or are expected to spend the remainder of their lives behind bars. The extraordinary access to the prison system and first person testimonies deliver a chilling insight into the psyche of these killers and why they committed murder.

Upon its release, I Am A Killer seasons three and four spent a week on Netflix’s Global Top 10 TV (English). Season 3 reached Top 10 TV on Netflix in 14 countries and Season 4 reached Top 10 TV on Netflix in 11 countries including the US, UK and Canada. It was also listed by FlixPatrol as the 16th most viewed documentary series on the platform for 2022 with its sister series, I Am A Stalker, being the 27th most watched show that year.

Season 5 will premiere globally on Netflix later this year.

Danny Tipping, Executive Producer, Transistor Films, said: “Five years on from Season One, we are still delivering new stories that continue to raise important issues around the penal system and create debate. We’re excited to be working with Netflix again and we’ve set a high bar with this series through exclusive access to prisoners and interviews that will both shock and surprise viewers globally.”

Ned Parker, Executive Producer, Transistor Films, continued: “It has been a fantastic experience to work with such a talented team on what are truly remarkable stories. By tackling challenging themes and including multiple conflicting opinions, viewers have to actively engage with the subject matter as these stories challenge all our preconceptions on the causes of violent crime.”

Transistor Films is headed by Creative Director and Founder Danny Tipping. Transistor’s Tipping is Executive Producer for I Am Killer alongside Ned Parker, with Sophie Waldron and Zoe Hines as Series Producers.

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