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Data: Bundling streaming credits with broadband reduces churn

April 10, 2024

MyBundle, the online platform connecting consumers, streaming services and broadband providers, has released company research data indicating that bundling streaming credits with broadband service reduces the first-year monthly churn rate for SVoD streaming services by up to 50 per cent when compared to industry research firm Antenna’s reported industry average monthly rate of 8.6 per cent.

For the analysis, MyBundle examined streaming service purchase data from approximately 300 subscribers to Norvado’s 1 Gig fibre PickME Plan Internet broadband service, which includes $20 in monthly streaming credits bundled using MyBundle’s Streaming Choice programme. After 12 months, the monthly churn rate of streaming services was approximately 4.3 per cent using the same methodology as Antenna’s State of Subscriptions – Premium SVOD study from February 2024. Both studies used a weighted average of monthly churn consumers in year one of their respective subscriptions.

“The concept of bundling content and connectivity is nothing new to the broader business of media and entertainment, however with this yearlong MyBundle research we now have strong empirical data that bundling streaming purchases with broadband works,” said MyBundle Co-Founder and CEO, Jason Cohen. “New customer acquisition is still important for streaming services, but reducing churn is now a close second priority. It’s still early days for MyBundle’s Streaming Choice, but while the benefit to broadband providers is noteworthy, a potential 50 per cent reduction in streaming service monthly churn is remarkable – a possible game-changer for streaming services.”

Some 21 of MyBundle’s nearly 230 broadband partners are already offering Streaming Choice. Constructed first in 2022 with a flexible approach for its growing broadband partner network, MyBundle’s Streaming Choice programme is designed to meet the needs and goals of ISP partners, while maximising consumer satisfaction.

Streaming Choice campaigns deployed by MyBundle’s broadband partners are all bundled with an Internet tier offer and include:

a) one-time or monthly recurring streaming credits,
b) preselected streaming service(s) for a fixed period of time, or
c) consumers selecting the streaming service(s) of their choice for a fixed period of time

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