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Law&Crime announces Switched reality show

April 11, 2024

Legal and true crime network Law&Crime announces the premiere of Switched as the newest addition to its programming lineup, hosted and developed by cop-turned-influencer Ryan Tillman. Switched flips the script by having regular citizens switch roles with law enforcement officers as the cameras role to re-enact real life police encounters.

“I’m inspired to change the face of modern day policing,” said Tillman. “My purpose in life is to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community. We’re so divided right now, and as a black police officer, I’m in a unique position to resonate with both sides. With Switched coming to the Law&Crime Network, I’m hoping to change the people’s perception of police one person at a time.”

Inspired by Tillman’s career in law enforcement and personal encounters with police in his youth, Switched showcases real-life scenarios as well as simulations of stressful day-to-day activities for both the officers and citizens. The first season garnered over two million viewers on YouTube by crafting a distinctive on-screen blend of education and entertainment, and featuring celebrities such as American rapper Redman and record producer DJ Envy. With Law&Crime’s own YouTube audience of 5.6 million, the network’s production team plans to boost viewership and Tillman’s digital influence even further.

Separately, Tillman also runs Breaking Barriers United, a company that offers coaching and mentoring services to law enforcement to encourage professional development and community building. Through this work, Tillman has amassed a loyal social media following with over 112K followers on Instagram and 254K subscribers on YouTube. When not working on the ground, he can be seen on On Patrol: Live on REELZ as one of their newest guest hosts in Season 2.

Switched will premiere on the Law&Crime Network on April 13th.

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